Semi Active Monitoring

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Introducing the First Home Monitoring System to Actively Protect the Home

Semi-Active Monitoring utilizes a network of Android-based devices, all hooked into a secure, encrypted private network. The homeowner has the option of using the devices in tandem, or separately, depending on their home’s design and their security needs. The homeowner can also assign a “safe word” for the monitoring system so the homeowner can trigger the system in the event that the homeowner is feeling unsafe or threatened by a possible assailant.

When strategically placed around the interior of the home, this monitoring system uses image recognition to identify dangerous situations involving a weapon, then protecting the homeowner by launching a series of countermeasures.

Using the non-lethal force of bright focused light, loud alarm screamers and optionally even tasers mounted into the home’s ceilings, this monitoring system works to stun and deter the assailant, allowing the homeowner and loved ones a chance to escape from danger and law enforcement personnel to step in and apprehend the suspect.

Today’s news is filled with stories no one wants to hear: from home invasions causing the death of multiple family members, mass murders in public places and educational institutions. While the option is always there to own a firearm, many families do not feel this drastic method is worth the statistical danger to them or their children.

The average security and monitoring system can actively notify the police that there is an intruder and warn the intruder that help is on the way, but most do nothing to actually protect and deter the assailant from continuing the assault.

While this is still safer for the homeowner than being completely without any kind of monitoring system, it is easy to see where this kind of system drops the ball on behalf of the homeowner’s safety. In cases where the homeowner or individual is already disabled or unable to fight back on their own, this can become a very dangerous situation resulting in a potentially tragic ending. 

Semi-Active Monitoring allows families, as well as individuals living on their own, the presence of mind that they are always safe, and that there is always “someone” keeping an eye on them. Whether utilizing the monitoring system automatically, or using the safe word when in a dangerous situation, SAM offers additional protection to the family without causing any unnecessary harm or death to the assailant, allowing law enforcement the opportunity to step in and apprehend them.