Discover best results for website with directories

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A

The Panel on Search Engine Marketing during Q&A (Photo credit: MikeSchinkel)

Discover best results for website with directories

The internet is a vast ocean of unlimited resources. Locating the right information at the right time is an even trickier prospect. It is like the lock and key mechanism where only the perfect key will open the right lock to reveal a treasure trove of information. Search engines help a lot in finding the desired information on the internet. This is done through the use of specific and relevant keywords. Search engines first look up through the list of web directories, then specific web directories of the search topic selected through the keywords and then moves on to check and comb through the website themselves. This is the process through which internet users locate the information required for by them online with the help of websites submitted by web masters and subsequently listed on web directories.

The history and evolution of web directories make an interesting read. In the earlier days, all search function online were done through various web directories. This helped the early users of the internet to search and locate the relevant information and then go through the individual websites and ascertain if they have found the correct information. Web directories functions as a catalog of links, sorted by relevant keywords and topics. Today, popular search engines like Google too look towards directories when it comes to getting the right information in an easy manner.

So why should one list their websites on a web directory is this new age of internet offers a complete search portfolio for the discerning user? Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Indexing websites
  • One way linking
  • Targeted keywords
  • Traffic generation
  • Free or minimal cost
  • Visibility

The key factor here to consider if you are someone who is looking to promote their website is that search engines too are looking at directories when they send out their crawlers or spiders. If one has a website, then it helps to have your website listed and mentioned in directories. This means that when search engines are looking for more links to your websites, they can find this through the listing on web directories. Most of the web directories provide a one way link which is great for the search engine optimization aspect of the website. Search engines pay a lot of attention and hence a lot of importance to the inbound links to the website which is used to rank the website. In these cases, it is important to note that one way links are given a higher ranking that a two way or reciprocal link. Considering this, a listing on web directories can work wonders for the website. Web directories also allow you to tag your website listing on the directory with specific and targeted key words and even relevant phases. It is important to note that web directories which has strong SEO tagging features can boost the visibility of a website and ensure that traffic keeps flowing and the right people gets access to the information on the website.

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  1. kusum Ambardar says:

    Great post ! When I started a new blog a little over a year ago, I sent a lot of pitches. Your insight into list of directories has paved way for me.
    Thanks Dr.Letitia

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