Celebrity Apprentice: Adam Carolla

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This week it was all about cars. When picking teams everyone thought Michael Andretti was the clear leader for the men’s team due to branding of his name with cars. He deferred to Adam Carolla who “knew a lot about cars”. Debbie Gibson took leadership of the women’s team. I think she was tired of not being noticed.

The task was all about presenting the car and answering questions. Nothing special really happened. Half the men’s team was unhappy with the level of comedy Carolla wanted and Lou F. was pissed because he was once again under utilized. The ladies were divided into the cool van and the rest. The rest knew they were the unwanted and contributed like they were. The women won the task Debbie tried to make up to Teresa afterwards.

Carolla took his lumps like a man but cost the men additional team members. Trump fired Carolla and Michael Andretti because Andretti did not step up. It makes me think that there are tasks that are specially tailored for each celebrity. If the teams make the right choices, they can win the task.

The lesson this week was branding. You have to meet people where they are with your product and branding. If you name is #1 in a certain category, you want to make sure you shine and stand out. Andretti was boring. He said he the car was perfect but sounded so bored that no one believed for a moment that he would ever be caught dead in that car.

Both teams also learned that if they try to circumvent the rules, Trump would punish them.

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