Selling Your House?

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Houses in Washington Park, East Chicago

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If you have thought about selling your home, then you have also probably considered the advantages of making a few home improvements to up the value of your house. However, especially in times like these when the economy is in the tank, finding that extra money to spend may not be an option. Fortunately, there are other ways to attract buyers that do not involve spending a ton of cash.

Make your address numbers shine – Not just by polishing them, but by replacing them altogether. This strategy is one of the simplest out there, but can have a huge impact on whether or not you sell your home. Many people will do a “drive-by” of the home that they are looking to purchase. Having address numbers that stand out and look nice go a long way for first impressions, especially at places that are hard to see like log homes or cabin rentals.

Make your home say “welcome” not “warning” – This can include buying some potted plants to add a relaxed ambiance, and cutting your lawn on a regular basis. A potential home buyer that does a “drive-by” and sees an unkempt lawn and paint-chipped door will move on to the next property on their list.

Clean your shower and replace the showerhead – If you aren’t cleaning your shower or bathtub regularly, it’s time to strap on some gloves and get to work. A dirty shower and bathroom is simply unacceptable when you’re trying to sell your house. One way to help improve the appearance of your shower is to equip it with a new showerhead. Simple updates like this show the buyer that you are involved in the home buying and selling process, and that you actually take time to present your home in the best light possible.

These simple tips will help increase the chances of selling your home, and at the price that you want to sell it for. They’re cheap, easy, don’t require too much hard work, and will make you feel good about putting your home on the market.

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