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Sydney Armani CEO and Publisher CrowdFundBeat Media @Sydney_armani

Crowdfunding USA put out the list of Who’s Who in Crowdfunding and I am on the list!

The truth is, crowdfunding as an industry is changing. There are many people who still think you can just throw your project up on a website and then millions will come and give you money. Our industry is dedicated to educating people as to how it works as well as obtaining new clients.

This summer I will be teaching at the Small Business Administration in Los Angeles as well as CSISB. I look forward to sharing with people about crowdfunding and how it works.

If you need to learn more about Crowdfunding, please visit

www.getcrowdfundednow.com for free videos and other educational information.

Crowdfunding- Business Enterprise Center- Los Angeles

Los Angeles View 2011

Los Angeles View  (Photo credit: Slices of Light )

Hi, I will be on a panel speaking about Crowdfunding on January 22, 2014!

Business Enterprise Center at 6109 S. Western Avenue Los Angeles 90047.

To register, please contact:

Business Development Loan Officer
Vermont-Slauson Economic Development Corp.
1130 W. Slauson AVenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044
323-753-2335 ofc
323-753-6710 fax

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MJ Duffy’s CAPTURED LOVE Book Launch Event


I found a new book series and have fallen in love with it!

MJ Duffy’s new book is being launched in Los Angeles on Sept 28, 2013

If you like sexy, sci-fi and mystery books, this is a whole new one for you~

I will be appearing at her book event!

Join me!

[spiderpowa-pdf src=”http://wrightplacetv.com/wp-content/uploads/Release-about-Daniella-Masterson-1.pdf”]Release about Daniella Masterson-1

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