How To Use Sales Recruiters Even In 2013


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Recruiting and hiring in today’s job market is different than it was ten years ago, even 5 years ago. As such, there are many reasons why companies should use Sales Recruiters today. First of all, they have a data base of experienced and qualified sales professionals, since this is their area of expertise. They keep that database current and update it all along. This allows them to make contact with potential candidates quickly when they get a request.

Next, a recruiter screens both the company that needs to Hire Sales People and any and all potential candidates. A seasoned Sales Recruiters can pinpoint expectations and goals of the company as well as the experience and goals of prospective candidates, thus eliminating candidates that do not meet a company’s expectations and guidelines.

Using a Sales Recruitment professional, they will have experience, skills and will be organized in attracting quality sales candidates and matching them with companies to assure of making a good fit for everyone.  To find the right candidate in 2013 takes more work than it ever has before and prospective employers do not have the staff or the time to commit for this endeavor.

In years before, companies could simply place an ad in the local newspaper when they needed a sales person and hire one fairly quick. Today however, job postings and job searching is for the most part, all electronic. There are job boards such as, and to name just a few. Then there are social networking sites such as, and

For a person looking for a job or a company looking to hire, these sites, and many more, are very important to be successful in that endeavor. They also take time to not only post on them, but to keep your page updated. Not just with the job postings either, but for a company to keep postings up-to-date on new products, new services and even company functions and promotions. The more a job seeker sees about a potential employer, the more interest they may have when a company does post a job opening.

Companies that have specialization requirements of their sales people do the best in going with Sales Recruiters Companies instead of basic recruiters. Companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries need more than just a seasoned sales person. They need an experienced, knowledgeable sales person about that industry’s products and services. The person who was selling cars for 10 years can not go into the medical industry selling equipment to doctor offices and hospitals.

The technology industry needs experienced sales people that are knowledgeable about current trends in the market and have the ability to learn new products and trends as they come. Somebody that has trouble programming their TV remote control is most likely not the best candidate to sell the latest in scan equipment that takes a variety of software package options.

It can be hard for a company that has always had a human resource person to do the screening and hiring to switch over using a Sales Recruiter. In the end however, they will see that it saved them time and money in the long run. Not to mention, they will get better quality sales professionals that will give the company a better visual to their clients and improve their bottom line.

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