5 Reasons Why You Need a Fashion Recruiter

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The fashion industry is fast-paced, high-profile, and intensely competitive. How do you know you’re meeting your fashion staffing needs with the best and brightest talent? Read on for five reasons why working with a fashion recruiter like CM InStyle makes smart fashion sense.

1. Access

This business is all about who you know, and fashion recruiters make it their business to know everyone — from major players to up and comers. A fashion recruiter can help you identify your company’s next creative geniuses, business innovators and tech superstars. Whether you’re looking to make a full time hire or to expand your contingent workforce, these fashion staffing experts put their extensive knowledge and networking connections to work to help you meet your creative recruitment needs.

2. Resource Management

Are your creative efforts best spent sorting through throngs of candidates looking for fashion careers or making the decisions that will lead your company to success? Because a talent acquisition specialist is devoted to whittling down the glut of applications to the top tier of salespeople, designers, buyers, planners, merchandisers and more, your creative team is freed up to focus on what you do best.

3. Personalization

The best fashion staffing experts understand that true creative talent can’t always be qualified and quantified in a portfolio or resume. It’s their business to know your business, along with delving deeper to identity talent that’s a perfect match between their specialized offerings and your unique staffing needs and overall company culture.

4. Speed

Retail recruiters and contingent fashion recruiters are keenly aware that deadlines wait for no one. Have a last minute staffing need? These industry experts are positioned to help you meet your deadlines — both in terms of short-term and long-term staffing needs. They’re also willing to remain on the trail until they’ve found the perfect candidate.

5. A Labor of Love

Because fashion recruitment is a true labor of love, fashion recruiters are relentless about following trends, understanding the market, and doing their part to accelerate the fashion industry. Combining a creative approach with practical business savvy and fashion industry foundations, they offer a best-of-both-worlds solution for contemporary fashion businesses looking to gain the leading edge.

The Number One Solution For Your Hiring Woes

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The Number One Solution For Your Hiring Woes


The hiring process can be excruciating. From posting the position to sifting through the dozens of replies, it’s a process that requires time, money, and a lot of patience. In fact, the American Staffing Association estimates that hiring a worker can cost 7 to 20 percent of that position’s salary and take anywhere from 30-45 days to fill. If you’re like most companies, you just don’t have that kind of time nor money to spare;    especially if the position needs to be filled immediately. That’s why many companies have chosen to take the grunt work out of hiring themselves and outsource to temp agencies. Temporary employment agencies are a company’s dream come true. They handle all aspects of the hiring process and allow you to skip right to the interview phase.

What Exactly is a Temporary Employment Agency?

Temporary employment agencies are companies that specialize in providing staffing needs. Whether you’re searching for a full-time employee, a temporary employment fill-in, or need to fill a whole department, a temp agency can meet your requirements and deliver qualified candidates as soon as you need them. Some temp hiring agencies, like LeadingEdge Personnel in San Antonio, specialize in finding fills for specific positions like temporary employment or “temp to perm” positions. This type of service is great for companies who need to fill maternity leave, extended leave of absence, or vacation positions.

How Do They Work?

Working with a temp hiring agency is like having your own personal human resources team. They handle posting the job description, filtering responses, candidate background checks, pre-interview screening, and much more. Really, all you have to do is provide the position and its specific requirements and they’ll do the rest. What a relief!

Plus, your satisfaction is their ultimate goal. No one wants to pay for a temp agencies service only to have the candidates they provided not work out. Temp hiring agencies take your requests very seriously and only deliver candidates that you, yourself would choose. If this means going through hundreds of applicants, so be it. Temporary agencies go the extra mile.

Temp Employment Agencies Satisfy Employers and Job-Seekers Alike

Temporary employment agencies, like LeadingEdge Personnel, are meant to serve both the employer and job-seeker. While taking care of the hiring process, they also extend themselves to job-seekers as an additional resource to use on their job hunt. Often they provide this service to job-seekers, as well as offer incentives such as skill training classes and improvement workshops, for free. Why? To ensure companies receive the best candidates possible. By offering these types of services to job-seekers, job-seekers come to them. In hoards. It’s like attracting flies with honey. This in turn allows the temp agency to have more options to offer companies when presented with a staffing request. Voila! Both needs are met. Companies receive candidates and job-seekers receive interviews/an actual job placement. It’s a beautiful thing.

How To Use Sales Recruiters Even In 2013


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Recruiting and hiring in today’s job market is different than it was ten years ago, even 5 years ago. As such, there are many reasons why companies should use Sales Recruiters today. First of all, they have a data base of experienced and qualified sales professionals, since this is their area of expertise. They keep that database current and update it all along. This allows them to make contact with potential candidates quickly when they get a request.

Next, a recruiter screens both the company that needs to Hire Sales People and any and all potential candidates. A seasoned Sales Recruiters can pinpoint expectations and goals of the company as well as the experience and goals of prospective candidates, thus eliminating candidates that do not meet a company’s expectations and guidelines.

Using a Sales Recruitment professional, they will have experience, skills and will be organized in attracting quality sales candidates and matching them with companies to assure of making a good fit for everyone.  To find the right candidate in 2013 takes more work than it ever has before and prospective employers do not have the staff or the time to commit for this endeavor.

In years before, companies could simply place an ad in the local newspaper when they needed a sales person and hire one fairly quick. Today however, job postings and job searching is for the most part, all electronic. There are job boards such as CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com and Monster.com to name just a few. Then there are social networking sites such as LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com and FaceBook.com.

For a person looking for a job or a company looking to hire, these sites, and many more, are very important to be successful in that endeavor. They also take time to not only post on them, but to keep your page updated. Not just with the job postings either, but for a company to keep postings up-to-date on new products, new services and even company functions and promotions. The more a job seeker sees about a potential employer, the more interest they may have when a company does post a job opening.

Companies that have specialization requirements of their sales people do the best in going with Sales Recruiters Companies instead of basic recruiters. Companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries need more than just a seasoned sales person. They need an experienced, knowledgeable sales person about that industry’s products and services. The person who was selling cars for 10 years can not go into the medical industry selling equipment to doctor offices and hospitals.

The technology industry needs experienced sales people that are knowledgeable about current trends in the market and have the ability to learn new products and trends as they come. Somebody that has trouble programming their TV remote control is most likely not the best candidate to sell the latest in scan equipment that takes a variety of software package options.

It can be hard for a company that has always had a human resource person to do the screening and hiring to switch over using a Sales Recruiter. In the end however, they will see that it saved them time and money in the long run. Not to mention, they will get better quality sales professionals that will give the company a better visual to their clients and improve their bottom line.

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