What Everyone Should Know About PR Agencies

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This article is to explain how different types of PR Agencies work and how best to use them. When hiring a PR agency, you should know what to expect. Having the proper expectations will create a good working relationship with the agency and get the results you want.

Not all PR agencies and publicist work the same. The old school publicist will take a monthly retainer fee with no promise of results. They will ‘pitch’ you and your story to media in order to get you booked for an interview. In my personal experience of hosting a talk show, these kinds of publicist will pitch people who are totally inappropriate for the show in order to show their client they are doing some work. This is how they burn up man hours. There is no promise to get anything. And usually they don’t. The higher priced Publicists are paid more because they have more connections. Theoretically, they have more contacts and can get you booked easily. Their contracts are costly. While some will give you monthly payments, others want the fee paid in full.

Pay per Placement types of agencies will guarantee the placement. For each interview you get, you pay a fee. You are booked for sure and know how large of an audience you can leverage with each interview. You can refuse an interview if you do not feel there is value in it.

Leads types of agencies will charge you a fee each month to allow you to get information from writers and media outlets looking for specific types of guests. These types of services cost anywhere from free to $200 per month. You can find these types of agencies on the web. You can see if they are effective in as little as 3 months. It’s a great way to perfect your pitch. It’s also easy to know if this kind of agency is actually effective for you.

With all of these agencies, you need to aware of the return on your investment. Getting more PR is important to your marketing. Each business owner needs to create a system for getting the PR they want.

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