How to Mess Up Your Mixer

June 25, 2009 by  
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After deciding to go to a local business mixer, I went to the online invitation and got directions. There was a link that said click for directions. I did that. The map that came up had a different street name and clearly was not the street. This was an event in my home town and I was pretty sure that was a residential area.

I called the person setting up the event to ask for directions and was immediately put on hold. I was on hold for about 5 minutes and then I just hung up. I was thinking, this might be a sign to change my mind about the event. I guess the guy had caller ID because he called back 15 minutes later asking for me. He then gave me directions. My friend and I get into the car and drive using his directions and still can not locate this place. We gave up and went to dinner.

I realize people do not want to work hard to come to your events. When you dont even have a webpage to promote it or correct directions, it can be really telling.

We all make mistake on our websites, clearly someone had programed it wrong. However, since there was no other reference in town to the event, it was almost impossible to want to go. A few things added to this. The speaker- I was told he was a motivational speaker. When I googled him, nothing came up. The business name and location. Nothing came up except a map location that did not match what I was told.

This is just a great example of making it hard to say yes.

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