Keynote Day 2018?
July 21, 2018

Get your 45 minute Keynote speech recorded so that you can promote and market yourself for more speaking gigs.

More and more, people who book speakers are relying on video to book great speakers. If your video is 3 years or older, you will want to update your video to compete with the best in your category. Outdates speaking reels make you look irrelevant and will not get you the top dollars you deserve. Sit back and let a professional create the speaker reel that works. 

This is for experienced speakers and does not included training. We are gathered exclusively to create our speaker reels that will be used to market ourselves. This event will be held in Fontana, California. 

There are 6 slots only, this is an extremely limited opportunity.


This includes:

  • check
    Make up person for full and complete make up and touch ups- to keep you looking your best the entire time
  • check
    2 camera shoot with live camera people- to get your best angles 
  • check
    TED talk style stage lighting - for an interesting look that everyone finds compelling   
  • check
    Professional editing and personalization- to help you reach book for gigs as a speaker
  • check
    Lunch Included plus water refreshments - so you don't have to leave to find food 
  • check
    Private closed set - so you can focus on your best performance 
  • check
    Sizzle Reel- For those times when they only want to see a shorter version of your work   

For More information or to Apply for a Spot Please Click the URL below

Dr. Wright’s New Book Unfair Advantage




Unfair Advantage Cover

Unfair Advantage is for You if…

  • You feel like you are another  “me-too” in your field, You are not really standing out!
  • If you are curious as to exactly what triggers your success
  • If you have NOT utilized Media to increase revenue in your business
  • If you are curious about crowdfunding but don’t want to ruin your reputation using it
  • If you need additional revenue streams
  • If you are a coach, speaker, trainer, authors, business owner or media personality!
  • If you are tired and buying programs and courses only to find they have NO positive impact on your revenue.

I want to share a few things I have learned over my 17 years in media and business.

People who use their unfair advantage and take any program they have and make it work!

If you leave out your sparkle, you can’t shine! 

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Crowdfunding Industry Spotlight #8: Letitia Wright


Editor’s Note: Each week I put a crowdfunding industry thought leader in the spotlight and ask them ten questions to inspire and educate. This week Dr. Letitia Wright, talk show host, speaker, panelist and author of the upcoming book “101 Tips to Successful Crowdfunding” shares her insights.

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