Everyone Should Have a TV Show!!!…

Everyone should have a TV Show, even Chris Brogan said it at the Long Beach Entrepreneur Magazine event this week. Why? Because it’s a great way to tell your story and to give your clients an outlet. It’s a wonderful way to brand yourself. Even if you just decide on Webisodes, it can be very lucrative. Getting sponsorship will put money in your pocket. Think you should have a reality TV show? Then why not just do it yourself? Who knows what can happen, mostly I bet, good things. It opens a window to your business, a breath of fresh air.


2 Responses to “Everyone Should Have a TV Show!!!…”
  1. Markamillion says:

    Hi could you suggest the best resources to use to set up an online tv site. ie, hosting services etc..

  2. Dr. Letitia Wright says:

    You can host your own online tv site with a hostgator account, there are plenty of platforms already set to explore. There are lots of platforms already set up. Use the one which helps you reach your personal goals for your online TV station

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