Why Go for Government Contracts? Part 3


The government is pushing its relatively new Women Owned Business set aside program, which is designed to increase the number of government contracts women-owned businesses secure. In the past, they’ve fallen short of the 5% goal of the $400+ billion in contracts awarded each year to female-owned companies. Economically disadvantaged women-owned businesses are heavily encouraged to apply.  

Where the Government Spends Money

While many forecasts are that the government will be spending less, and with fewer contractors in the near future, one close-to-untapped resource may be the Simplified Acquisition Process. In 2010, the government spent $11 billion through Simplified Acquisitions, $6.2 billion of which went to small businesses. SAPs tend to hire and pay out faster, which is a boon in an industry known for slow decision-making and payouts. It’s worth looking into if you’re already qualified to bid on government contracts. 

Yes, our government has money and we could be vendors!

If you have not certified your business which will enable you to

get these contracts, you can get it done on September 17th, 2011


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