A Thrilling Trip to the Nation’s Capitol

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Capitol Hill - Washington, DC

A Thrilling Trip to the Nation’s Capitol

Washington, D.C. is a place that has history around almost every turn. The founding of the United States was no easy task. A trip to the capitol of the world’s biggest democracy will give you some insight into how this was accomplished. It took a lot a very brilliant men to design the framework of this great country. If you are interested in finding out how this was accomplished, then you should plan a vacation to Washington, D.C. in the near future. There are also plenty of other things to do in the city that have nothing to do with politics or the forming of the country. Affordable hotels in Washington DC can be located by looking online. Here are some of the best things to see during a thrilling trip to the nation’s capitol.

1. The Jefferson Memorial

If you had to single out one man that was the key architect of the United States during its formative years, the answer would without a doubt have to be Thomas Jefferson. Writing the Declaration of Independence forever carved out his place in history. Of course, he went on to have a great career and do many things after the British were defeated and the country was up and running. He became the third president of the United States. He was responsible for a very critical event in the history of the United States, the Louisiana Purchase. This massive amount of land was bought from the French and became a major part of the country. His impact on the history of the world’s greatest democracy can’t be overstated. The Jefferson Memorial is basically a museum that is a tribute to this man’s great life. You simply must stop by and check it out during your visit.

2. The National Archives

Inside the National Archives, you will find the most important documents in the entire United States. The Constitution, the Bill or Rights and the Declaration of Independence are all stored here in cases that will protect them in the event of a nuclear attack. Seeing these documents up close will be a thrill for any person who has even a minor interest in American history.

3. The United States Capitol Building

The iconic domed structure is the place where American laws are voted on and policy is made for the country. Tours are available to the general public, although it would be a good idea to book your tour in advance. It will help you to avoid waiting in long lines for a tour when you arrive. If you are visiting during peak tourist season, you should expect large amounts of people, so be prepared.

4. The Smithsonian Institution

This is easily one of the most famous and respected museums in the world. Some of the most important artifacts from history and popular culture can be found here. There is an almost endless amount of things to see here. It would take you many days to see everything the Smithsonian has to offer. You would be wise to set aside a large amount of time to see this museum, because only one or two hours will simply not be enough to get the job done. Once again, this is a major attraction, so long lines should be expected if you visit in the summer during nice weather.

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