Birth of the Mini-sode (and why you want one)

August 26, 2008 by  
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If you are a Rescue Me fan, you know that they are running Mini-episodes to keep fans pacified until full shows are ready…in 2009. Yeah, I don’t know if I will still be a fan by then. I really hate the Soprano TV schedule- you know, 4 shows a year type of thing. To stay in the news and keep fans from completely falling away they are creating short 10 minute shows. What you might not realize is, these shows have MAJOR product placement going on. I write more on this as I see the show and TIVO them, maybe I’ll even have a contest on it.

Mini-episodes are being tried out by other brands too. They are made to look like TV Shows but serve to keep certain products in your face the entire time. TBS’s Commuter Confidential is all about dating and make up. They women talk about meeting people on while applying their Revlon makeup. Will people notice? Marketers will, if it’s done really well, the audience will not. Ben Mack says if you can tell it’s marketing, you’re not doing it right. Or something like that.

My question to you is… Which TV show would be PERFECT for your product and how would they use it on the show?

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