How Hair Salons Make the Big Bucks

September 7, 2009 by  
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This article is for anyone who owns or wants to own a successful hair salon.

Hair salons have been around forever. They are mostly recession-proof because women will continue to get their hair done, even when they do not have a lot of money. It’s a small luxury they will not give up. Every great hair salon understands that the patron wants to be pampered.  They want to feel special. Any amenity you can add to help them feel special without too high a price will make your salon overbooked.

Here are the crucial areas:

Phones and Reception: Have someone who is always happy and makes the patrons feel good. They cannot be easily frustrated or moody. They have to make everyone feel welcome and not ignore some clients while they chat and fool around.

Floors: A clean shop is special. It’s seems crazy to say that, however many shops have dirty floors and bathrooms. Everyone pretends they do not see the filth. As soon as a new shop opens, the people go to that one because it’s new. They are really there because it is clean.


Shop Talk: Some people like gossip, some do not. It’s as simple as that. A shop full of loud people will turn off someone who does not to hear that. A shop full of quiet people will turn off the person who is ready for some great interaction while they are getting their hair done. These types of clients do not mix well. Know who fits as a client and who does not.

Good Management: Have you ever been in a business where everyone hates the boss or the owner? It’s horrible and you do not get the best service. Get rid of the people who hate you and hate customers. It shows. You are not able to hide that with paint. Have people in the booths who love to be there. And love to be there every day.

Cash Flow: Policies should be the same for everyone. When you make variations for some people you will create resentment in others. This goes back to good management.

Visit your competition: Would it be great to get good ideas that work and someone has already tested? Your completion is testing ideas all the time. If they work, they will keep them, if not, they will move on. See what makes them popular and use that. Stop saying you do not have competition. You will miss out on ways to be #1.