My Top 6 Guilty Pleasure Blogs

I take  to take planned breaks while working and these are my favorite guilty pleasure blogs to read

  1. The Bloggess – Her post on Then I Saw a Sasquatch explains it all
  2. A Pug Named Fender– my dog Angel has a guest appearance in one of the comix. Its really a cool to see a creative idea for a comix come alive. Hip Hop fans will be delighted.
  3. Damn You Auto Correct– I’m just glad to find out I am not the only one sending crazy texts. My new Android phone uses voice to text, so things are better now.
  4. Texts from Last Night– Crazy stuff that happens to others!
  5. Zombie Blog– Zombies are the new hot monsters, you guys know me, I’m all in! The use of video is awesome, do not view if you have a weak stomach.
  6. Mo Kelly Report- I like his point of view. His willingness to take on the African American Christian Church is not just a gimmic to get readers.