E Cigarets Could Be a Business Etiquette Answer

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English: Scheme of a cigarette. Français : Sch...

English: Scheme of a cigarette. Français : Schéma d’une cigarette. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E Cigarets Could Be a Business Etiquette Answer

Most of us have bad habits. If we demonstrate these habits while trying to conduct business, they could be a huge problem for our business. Not only could we be opening our business liabilities, we could be turning away potential business. People make decisions with emotion. It is important to keep any emotional connection with our business and brand in a positive position. The question is, how can we satisfy our own needs and not offend our business partners or clients?

Habit: Working through illness- Many entrepreneurs are passionate about their business and tend to work long hours. They work through being tired. They work through being sick. They often will forget to take time to rest when ill. If they expose someone else to their illness and it spreads, there can be a lot of ill will in the community. We never forget someone who got us sick!

Solution: If you want to work while sick, make sure you wash your hands often. Cleaning the computer keyboard, mouse, your mobile phone and anything else you are using often will help. Keep some hand sanitizer and USE it often. Take some kind of medication that can help you reduce the coughing and runny nose. Both of these things help spread illness and if you can reduce the possible contact with those two things, people who have short interactions with you might not even know you are sick.

Habit: You smoke. For various reasons, you have not been able to quit or may not want to quit. Smoking is not in favor in many public places. People are offended by second hand smoke and feel like they are being forced to breathe second hand smoke. People are concerned about the risk to their heath. Some clients feel that a smoker is a less disciplined person and may decide that because they saw you smoking, they will not do business with you.

Solution: www.dxtechinc.com – e cig manufacturers in china. These new cigarettes give off puffs of smoke which are water vapor. You will not break any rules of smoking inside using these. They also contain nicotine however they lack some of the poisonous chemicals found in regular cigarettes. These chemicals can include arsenic and cadmium. With the E cigarettes, you only have nicotine to deal with. It is a clear step in a healthier direction. The decision to use them can be seen in a positive light.

Habit: Drinking lots of alcohol. You like to drink and you drink heavily during business meetings.

This is a real habit to work hard on. You might think you are handling the alcohol well, however, almost no one wants to work with someone who has been drinking,

Solution- save it for your personal recreation.

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