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I’ve been telling people to start their own business for years.

Even if you have a career, your own business can be the thing

that balances your financial ups and down. Now in this economy it takes

a career AND your own business to make it. Take a look around you.

See who is making it through the recession and see if YOU

don’t see that most of them have both going!

The other thing is money. It’s always the reason why people do not start,

grow, building, advertise. or promote their business.

Most people have not come through the last financial storms

with enough to qualify for a bank loan. Many businesses are

too small for investors to be interested. They are trying to make

millions on their investments. Family and friends are mostly

tapped out. Now there is a way to raise the money

without loans that have to be paid back, without

selling shares of your company and giving away control.


It’s called Crowd Funding. If money is truly the

ONLY thing keeping you from moving forward on your

business idea, then Crowd Funding can get

the money in 60-90 days.


This is for people who are ready to go. That means everything is in place

you just need the money to execute. If you still have to figure things out,

make a plan, decide on things, then this is not for you.

But it if is for you, let’s talk about it! Get some information so you can get

started! Attend our Feb 15th Crowd Funding meeting at 6:30 pm and

start on the path to your dream. We know it takes money, now we know how to

get it!


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