Is it Really Overwhelm?

November 30, 2012 by  
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Stop it with the Overwhelm!

Here’s the deal. Everyone is talking about how they are over whelmed by information, by duties, by the holidays- there are entire lists they go through.

For most people here is a new thought. Maybe you are not overwhelmed. Maybe you agreed to do things that you never wanted to do. Or you agreed to do things that you have since changed your mind about and no longer wish to do. But you won’t give yourself to permission to change or let people know. So you just flake out and say you are over whelmed.

Maybe you just don’t want to do what is required for a particular thing. There may have been requirements you didn’t know about when you agreed, or you just see the entire project and don’t want to be bothered doing it.

So we use over-whelm as a catchall.

In 2013, let’s just start saying no.


One Response to “Is it Really Overwhelm?”
  1. Chanz'e says:

    As I read this I had two thoughts. The first why not delegate and show another competent individual how to get it done and then follow up to ensure it was completed. Then the second is why not just be accountable for what you signed up for without complaint and learn for the next time.

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