Brooklyn Warehouse raises $21,000 in 60 days

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In just 60 days, its first time using crowd funding, they got 103 contributors who helped the Windsor Street eatery raise $21,450, or 71 per cent, of the original goal.

The money is earmarked to help cover a $30,000 renovation that once complete, will replace the restaurant’s summer patio with a permanent, all-season atrium and nearly double the seating capacity.

Donors could pitch in anywhere from $10 to $2,500 and receive, in turn, an equally valued meal, company clothing or permanent recognition on a wall. A $100 donation, for example, earned dinner for two from a featured menu created by chef Mark Gray and the donor’s signature displayed on the wall of supporters.

They were growing and needed business expansion. On their blog they state donations are still being accepted and the renovations are on track.

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