Pop-up Shops – Be At The Right Place At The Right Time

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Pop-up shops encapsulate all the desirable traits of any commercial property. They are cost effective, easy to set up and involve very low risk. So itís no surprise that their popularity is rising exponentially! There was a time when pop-ups were almost exclusively associated with Halloween, but not anymore. Today, small businesses as well as globally established brands are leveraging the ever increasing potential of pop up shops.


Pop up shops are an excellent option for small business owners and for individuals who are just starting their own business. They can be set up within a matter of a couple of hours and if the location is well thought, they provide a tremendous return on investment. It takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to put together a conventional store ñ however, a pop up shop can be set up for a fraction of that amount. Such shops are also way more convenient as they require minimal paper work.

If a certain business person wishes to open a store in a different part of town, then a pop-up shop enables him/her to gauge the reaction of the local population. If the reaction is positive, then the individual can go ahead and set up a full sledged store but if it is not up to the expectations of the person, then he/she can hunt for a better location. The pop-up store acts as a shield and prevents avoidable losses. Just as you test drive a vehicle before buying it, similarly, a pop-up shop enables a vendor to test out a local market before entering it with full force.

Instantly recognizable brands use pop-ups to reinforce their identity. These shops allow people to connect with the brand more personally. The brands on the other hand get an opportunity to create a memorable experience for potential customers. Pop-ups stores feature attractive themes and have strong visual and cultural appeal. Thus, they are a very effective tool for impressing the values of a certain brand upon the public. Companies often use pop-ups to showcase new products or limited editions of existing products.

Pop ups cater to everybody. They can be customized according to individual needs, preferences and most importantly ñ budget. They are ideal for products which hold relevance only during a particular period or season. For example: Beachwear sells extremely well during summer, childrenís toys go up in demand during the holiday season, umbrellas during the rainy season – you get the point. Many business owners set up different types of pop-up shops based upon current events ñ these include Valentineís Day gifts, Motherís day gifts, biking gear and souvenir stores at car and bike exhibitions, health products, natural medicines, teas, coffees, exotic handicraft materials, food, themed costumes and so on.

The success of a pop-up shop is heavily dependent on several factors such as choice of location, relevance of products and most importantly ñ ability to attract potential customers. People should feel the need to check out the pop-up shops. It should be stylish and must appeal to the curiosity of the public. Pop-ups usually have very limited marketing budgets and they must often rely solely on stunning, striking graphics in order to attract people.

Some of the best pop-up shops in the world are created by PrimaryColor. Some of their clients include Volkswagen, BenQ, Reebok, Pacsun etc.

We found their pop-up shop for PacSun was wonderful, done in the trendy SoHo district in New York City. We also thoroughly enjoyed the work they did in Paris France, setting up an amazing looking Pop Up Shop for Urban Decay