My Mother is a Ninja

December 3, 2009 by  
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My mother is a Ninja. I had always suspected it when I was little. They way she would seem to come out of nowhere when I was about to do something wrong made me always think so. She seems to always know where I was and what I was doing.

Recently she told me that she had a set of keys in her hand and went out of the back door to get some things out of her car which was in the back yard behind the gates. The house door closed behind her locking. On the key ring in her hand, she did not have the key to the back door. But she thought, no problem, she?ll just go through the gate and go to the front door, a door which she DID have the key in her hand to unlock. When she walked to the gate she was it had been locked with the padlock by the gardener. She did NOT have a key to that lock on the ring in her hand.

So she got into her Lincoln and backed it up to the gate, then climbed on the car and on the gate and over the gate and down to go to the front door and unlock and get back in the house. Got all sets of keys needed and went about her business.

Yes, a 70 year old woman climbed a metal GATE. I am telling you, she is a ninja!!

Actually, she was concerned about my father who was in the house alone and sick and did not want to wait for a locksmith or family member to help her.

When you are determined, you will be successful. I hope the holiday season brings you a refreshing that allows you this kind of determination.

And if you think someone is behind and you turn but don?t see anyone, it?s probably my mom.