Danger! Don't Use These Words!

A recent poll found these words are the overused in media and in business. Are you still using these tired terms?

  • Leverage: “We should leverage our investment in IT infrastructure across multiple business units to drive profits.”
  • Reach out: “Jim decided to reach out to this underutilized demographic.”
  • It is what it is: “The server is down, and clients are irate. It is what it is.”
  • Viral: “Our training video has gone viral.”
  • Game changer: “The switch from LAN to WiFi was a game changer for our productivity.”
  • Disconnect: “There is a disconnect between our customers’ wants and their page views.”
  • Value-add: “Where’s the value-add in this increase in spending?”
  • Circle back: “I have to go, but I will circle back with the client later.”
  • Interface: “My job requires me to interface with all levels of the firm.”
  • Cutting edge: “Our cutting-edge technology gives us a competitive advantage.”

Maybe you can add a few words to the list??

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