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Authentic Success by Amanda Steadman

When I started my first career (many years ago) I did not really give it that much thought or planning. I got back from a world trip and went to a graduate fair. I found a brochure on how to be a ‘Recruitment Consultant’, it broke down a typical day for a consultant – making phone calls, meeting clients for lunches (this was the 90’s), interviewing candidates, preparing CV’s to fax (yep remember those) and made it sound super exciting. I had always liked ‘office’ work, so to be paid money to TALK, have lunches with clients, then offer them ‘candidates’ sounded good to me. I mean I got my own desk, a phone,  a computer, mileage and my OWN BUSINESS CARDS. WOW!

I was very happy and within weeks, by being myself, talking and more importantly LISTENING to people, my salary and career rose exceptionally fast. Years later, when I took my first business consultancy in London to 6 figures within 18 months, again – I was BEING MYSELF, totally honest with clients and companies, I listened and I did as I SAID I WAS GOING TO DO.  I enjoyed BOTH of these roles. Now I know business is much more than that, but my point is – are you HAPPY doing what you are doing? Are you happy with what you are EARNING? Do your clients appreciate you? If not it may be time to take a step backwards and re-assess your level of happiness

Over my career I am always surprised at why people go into specific lines of business or a role. When I ask them, would they change anything? 75% would have chosen a different career or would be doing a ‘hobby’ or ‘area of interest’ full time – but don’t’ believe they can make money at it. We all have our own gifts, talents and abilities that we can use and get paid for. I want you to experience that level of fulfillment and happiness too!. Once you start to believe that and listen to you heart and what you ‘COULD’ be doing. Your world will open up so I encourage you to start thinking seriously about what Authentic Success truly means to you and how to access it. I developed 7 steps that assisted me to get the business, a lovely man & family, beach residence and the feelings of fulfillment I wish for. I’m happy, fulfilled and passionate about what I do are YOU YET? If not contact me today we can change it!


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