How the Top 13 Companies Use PR


#1 Apple   Product placements in many moves and TV shows with the stars using their products. For example, a great shot of JUST THE IPHONE and nothing else in the Sex in the City Movie. My favorite? I am Legend!

#2 Berkshire Hathaway  Warren Buffet, the most successful investor in the world apologizes to his stockholders for making mistakes in the bad economy.

#3 Toyota Motors   They sponsored Top Chef Chicago in 2008. Not only did they have commercials every other second but every shopping trip was in a Rav 4

#4 Google   Becoming a verb and being used in a movie with Jennifer Lopez in Maid in America, Google was written into the script!

#5 Johnson & Johnson  Not only do they have a you tube channel, they also have multiple Facebook pages for the different segments of their market.

#6 Proctor and Gamble  Took Movie product placements to Books! Cathy’s book, Persius book authors agreed to have character use certain make up products!

#7 Fed Ex Movie product placement abounds! Bowfinger,  Runaway Bride and of course their super commercial called Cast Away!

#8 Southwest Airlines  Lots of papers are written on them because of their service.

#9 General Electric  Top Chef is heavy with their appliances.

#10 Microsoft  Bollywood has been the beneficiary of their product placements.

#11 Wal-Mart Stores Product placements on shows like Dame Chocolate and others.

#12 Coca-Cola  Obama was seen drinking a Coke during the campaign. With giant cups placed on the desks in American Idol, In a children’s book about dinosaurs, there is a coke bottle on every page, The Democratic convention , Madea goes to Jail and the Olympics make them product placement champs.

#13 Walt Disney   The View from Walt Disney Studios and Marley and ME…need I say more?

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