One Overlooked Thing About Your Lawyer If You Get Hurt at Work


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 Being injured on the job can be a complicated situation. Many of my coaching clients became business owners because they were hurt on their jobs and needed to do something else. I’ve heard a lot of the stories. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side can make all the difference in the world. The system does not work that well. Sometimes you can lose benefits when you don’t know what is going on. One client who started his own business after being hurt as a firefighter told me that having a great lawyer gave him peace of mind. He knew his situation was covered and did not have to second guess the choices that were made.


There is a whole worker’s compensation check list you should be using. It includes things like
__ the accident report and written statements about the accident

__ pictures of your injury, where you were hurt, anything that caused it (puddle on the floor, broken equipment, stairs with no handrail, etc.)

__ records of medical treatment (doctors’ reports, prescriptions, Emergency Room forms, and bills)

You can get the entire list at OSHA


My client had done all these things. He was focused on getting well, not worried about compensation or job loss. The basic Worker’s compensation laws are about the same in every state but getting representation is always best.


If you do get hurt, you have to make sure you tell your supervisor, get medical care , make sure your claim is filed and be clear about how your injury is related to work. This is where your lawyer can make all the difference. He or She will be sure to get those areas covered for you.

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