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The Wright Place TV Show does not endorse NHA-HCC and is not involved with

any of their actions.


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  1. Anonomous-no name at this time says:

    I got involve with Antoinette Antone housing and mortgage program and many other people that I know and don’t know personnaly but have heard their testimony and she has scammed me and lots of other people recently and in the past, from Victorville, San Bernardino, Moreno Valley, their are complaints. She is a Con Artist, and arbuitary liar, she takes people money and not come through with she says,one of her main tactics is to offer people large amount of money to be a part of her scheme, then after she has them hooked are can’t get out because of the investment that they have paid in, then she finds new people to scam and she doesn’t pay her old employees. She have a bad habit of hiring people and not paying them for many months. She is very intelligent and if you don’t know her behaviour she will take advantage of you and your business. The FBI has a record of her and her company, they won’t respond to NHA until she has con at least a million + dollars from people, they are watching her and her company. There is much more. Though you should know.

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