GlassOuse: The World’s First Assistive Mouse

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Everyone once in a while you find  you an invention that will truly help other people. This is one of them. We all take for granted how easy it is to use a computer when you are fully bodied. Now the handicapped person will have the ability to use a computer like everyone else. Here is the project in his own words.

This is a true story. Caner Cem Marti, a 20 years old young man, who loves sports and traveling. On 5 July 2014, he dived into a sea during his travel in Amasra. Unfortunately, his spine was seriously injured and he can only stay in bed after the surgery. This is a tragedy for Caner. He can not move his arm or his leg, not to mention traveling outside like he used to. The accident brings tons of trouble to Caner’s life, for example, using the smart phone. For us, using the smart phone or tablet maybe a piece of cake, but for Caner, he needs someone else’s help to use the digital devices.

The most common things that we do everyday, like dialing, texting, emailing, or chatting online, are big challenges for Caner and millions of people like him. The modern techniques help us yet turn away the disabled people, the statistical shows that there are X million people could not enjoy the smart devices because of their disabilities. “I am always asking me the same question: can I make Caner’s life easier?” says Allen, Caner’s friend, “And that is why I create GlassOuse, which helps Caner and other people like him use the smart phone by themselves, just like we do everyday”.


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