Crowdfunding Digital Microscopes for Students

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We all know that teachers spend their own money to create learning materials for students. But if you are a science teacher, those things are very costly. With the goal of $1627.00 Mr. Dela Cruz. This is what the teacher has to say about the project:

Technology is universally, interwoven in virtually every aspect of the modern world and our day-to-day life. It affects how we play, shop, associate, socialize, and most importantly, how we learn. With their countless and growing manifestation in our lives it only makes sense that mobile technologies are present in the classroom to assist in the teaching and learning process, especially in the field of science. However there are some schools that are delaying this opportunity of using technology in the classroom, and my school—although we strive hard to give our students these opportunities—is not ahead in terms of technological capacity.

My students are incoming freshmen with about 75-80% are Native Americans and more than 65% of the population receiving free lunch.

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