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The biggest problems confronting authors seeking to become a traditional “published” author, is completing a flawless manuscript of your book. The next problem is the enormous amount of money required to secure a publisher. If you have the money, you will still need a literary agent.

To get a literary agent you have to write a query letter and a proposal. A query letter to an agent or publisher has one primary purpose: to convince the recipient to look at your book, so you have a chance of selling it. Think of it as a sales tool, a query letter is a sales letter selling your book.

Writing a successful query letter involves analyzing your manuscript and writing a compelling synopsis. A synopsis is not a step-by-step description of what happens, but the emotions that accompany the actions, the anticipation, fear, hope, excitement, and disappointment at each turn of events. Of course, written in a compelling, “sales-like” manner.

Next, your proposal letter should be the result of research that identifies an audience for your manuscript. Again not a step-by-step description of demographic labels, a compelling argument matching the essence of your book to the needs of a targeted segment of your probable audience. Unless your book is about “analytics” this is a rough road to travel.

Once you have secured an agent, you need to evaluate what you need the publisher to do that will propel your book to the best-seller lists. Often this means you have to develop a social marketing campaign to support your work. In addition to the social marketing campaign, you need a media marketing campaign. This is a way to get your book in the hands of reviewers whose favorable reviews may land you personal interviews.

This emotional roller coaster can draw out for months and years after you have finished your flawless manuscript. Even though your idea and concept is uniquely yours, it’s just as probable that you will receive a notification during the process, stating the book idea or concept has already been self-published.

The commonly accepted process for becoming a published author is a myth unless you are an already established author. Very similar to the concept of “market economics,” the flow of success seldom happens in an organic manner. Successful books, publications and other media are grown like “genetically-modified vegetables.” A market for your product is crafted by experts who are fully aware of the reading public’s appetites.

So, really the biggest problems with becoming a published author is in our thinking. The gift of the author is what they write. We live in an over-saturated information society which has severely disturbed the natural flow of successful book selling. The art of delivering your gift to the public, requires a completely different skill set than that of a talented author. Crowdfunding Your book is the way to go.

In short, you’ve already written your book, open your thinking to an exciting new approach to publishing your book. Register today to claim your free gift or join as a private group. Reserve your seat at the “Project Best$eller!” webinar event now!

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