Crowdfunding A PHOTOSCOPIC View of San Diego

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The Long Term Goal is to have a successful project starting with San Diego, and then plan to do similar photo shoots and filming in other cities in the US and Abroad. However, it all starts with San Diego. Everyone can have input on this project. Contributors get a say in what they would like to see. The Funding for this project is to not only to present digital images of the City, but also something tangible and physical. Raised funds will go to purchasing a higher quality drone and camera to capture the city in as much detail as possible. It will also go towards all the prints for those contributing to make this possible. Including being able to request any of the full HD quality images as they are available and posted to the website that will be launched as soon as the project is funded and set into motion.

You can get an 11×14 print, a 16×20 print, film together and use your imagination.
Support this artistic project here.


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