cash shortages

Advanta is all GONE!

Originally founded to lend money to teachers in 1951, Advanta had grown to be a useful tool. It is all gone now. No more 90 day interest free. Which could allow you to use that money interest free to make more money. No more cash back awards. Which could help a little over time. I do not know of anyone who took a vacation on his cash back awards.

The real quesiton for me is :

Where does it leave the Kiva business card?

They just created this new partnership, are those cards gone now too?

As a supporter of KIVA who is very good at getting paid back, how does Advanta get away with saying more than 20% of their customers do not pay them back?

I predict a Branson owned company will see the gap and get into the mix.

Virgin credit cards…..

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