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use the QR code to get the app from ROKU!

This channel is about wellness and spirituality. I am currently looking for 10 content providers to be a part of this channel in the next 30 days. I created a new program to help you get the most out of being on ROKU.

For $250 set up and $97 a month you get:

You will be part of an exhisting TV Channel, however your catagory will have only your content, it will not be mixed with others.

  • Unlimited uploads! No need to pay for hosting, we got you! NO hidden costs
  • Ability to make calls to action, sell and keep all the money you make- make sales your first day!
  • Promoted online and in other media each month – to people who would want your content
  • Membership in the Roku Riches Partners program- to teach you how make a ton of money even with less than 1000 people following you
  • Done for you uploads– WE do everything for you, no need to learn a new program or hire someone.
  • Interview on Wright Place TV to get that publicity started, so we can start promoting you.


  • Why do charge when others are free and share the fees from subscription with me? Because that is not how they make their money. They make their money in others ways and if someone happens to subscribe you might get some money. They are using your content to make a lot of money off you.
  • Why can’t I upload my shows myself? We have a system that is not like youtube where you just upload, to protect my system and other clients and also to take the workload off you, you just send your content to us and it gets uploaded.
  • Who ownes the copyright? You do, we are just your distribution arm
  • Why is this different from YouTube? Youtube is social media, with an algorhythm to keep you from reaching people without paying to do it. Roku doesn’t play those games, when people get to the channel and get to your content, they are happy.
  • Should I just put all my Youtube content on? You can start there but you want content that they can only get on ROKU. Those viewers are very interested in what you are doing.
  • How soon can I get started? In 2 weeks or less we can get you up and running.
  • Who makes my content. You do, unless you want to create a contract with Wright Place Studios to do something seperate.
  • What else do I need? A name for your catagory and a photo of you with your business colors!

Ready to get started?  Contact Dr. Wright at 909 235 9744 to start! 

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