The Wright Place TV Show: 10 Signs You should Invest in your Own Business

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Over the years with The Wright Place TV Show,I’ve interviewed many business owners. They have taught me the signs to know when it’s time to create your own business. I want to share this with you new business owners and those of you who know you should be starting your own business.


At 6AM, your alarm goes off, and you drag yourself out of bed to prepare for your day job. Every day, you wake up, eat, work, go home, eat, sleep and the cycle goes on. You’re starting to ask yourself why are you seating in front of your desk taking orders from someone when you can be on your feet, enjoy and be the one giving orders. You’re contemplating whether you should be your own boss or just continue what you’re doing.

Here are the ten signs that you should quit your day job and invest in your own business.

  1. Intense work ethic- you work hard, you’re focused and in the zone. Most successful entrepreneurs do this, and most of them work for more than 12 hours a day at least twice a week.
  2. You’re creative- you always come up with new ideas (but they end up being doodled on your desk notepad). Your creativity seems to be over- flowing, and you can’t stop thinking of different or new ideas while you’re sitting at your desk.
  3. Always seeing potential- you’re an optimist, you see the potential success in everything.
  4. You want to make things better- you want to help others by providing new things that will ease their lives.
  5. You’re willing to do every part of the job- even if taking out the trash seems an important step for you to succeed, you will do it.
  6. You’re confident enough that it’s okay to fail- you don’t mind experiencing failures (in every aspect of your life), you consider these training grounds for your battle in the real world.
  7. Not afraid to risk- you’re thinking of investing your money and feeling nervous about it but still want to. Invest in your own business instead!
  8. Hatred for working for someone else- no need to explain.
  9. Good at solving problems- Do you tend to solve problems before everyone realizes there is one? Yes, that’s a sign.
  10. You’re a leader- having an idea is good, making it successful is a true skill. If you show acts of leadership in your community or work-place, the world of entrepreneurship might be just perfect for you.

Owning your own business starts with knowing how to sell. Without sales you have no business. With my television show, I had to learn how to sell again. The recession had put people in a different mindset and I had to improve my selling skills. I learned with the Silver Partner Program from Che Brown and I would love to share a special offer he has for the next month. For $25 a month, you can learn how to sell and grow your business with cash flow! Just text SilverPartner to 909 235 9744 and I will share the details with you. 

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