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Your iPad is a pricey investment, and you no doubt also have a lot of time and effort invested into the apps you’ve installed and files you’ve procured during its use. Many iPad owners purchase screen protectors that they apply to their iPads immediately upon taking them out of their packaging, and it’s easy to see why: iPads are expensive, and even the durable touch screens and metal casing is prone to scratches and other blemishes. It makes sense to invest in the protection of your iPad, even if that means spending a bit more than anticipated on a cover for it.

While a screen protector is an excellent start for protecting your iPad and keeping it scratch-free and looking in pristine condition, a case or cover will provide all-around protection and padding for your iPad. When looking at potential cases for your iPad, consider selecting an iPad portfolio case. Unlike a standard cover, which often leaves ports and corners exposed, a portfolio case will completely encase your iPad, covering all corners, and often the ports, too. A cover is almost always a part of an iPad portfolio case, and with many of these types of cases, can be secured in the closed position with the use of Velcro or elastic straps.

In addition to providing the utmost in padding and protection for your iPad, an iPad portfolio case also makes it efficient for you to use your iPad on just about any type of surface, or even on your lap. Portfolio cases allow for the iPad to be set at an angle, as the included cover will fold back in a tri-fold manner, which keeps the iPad stable. The edge of the cover usually slides into a slot located on the back of the iPad case, which keeps it in place for as long as you’d like to use the portfolio case as a stand.

iPad portfolio cases are available in many materials, including silicone, leather, and even thin metals and plastic. Like other cases and covers, iPad portfolio cases are available in a multitude of colors and finishes, and you can choose from solid colors or patterns, and in some cases custom designs if you choose to order your case from a company that allows for custom designs.

Considering the money you spent on your iPad, the time you have spent personalizing it, and the valuable documents and information stored on your iPad, it only makes sense to take care of it in the best way possible. Besides keeping your iPad protected by a security pin, making regular backups of all files on it, and installing security apps that can help you to remotely locate, lock, and reformat your iPad, use a high quality iPad portfolio case to protect your iPad from bumps, falls, spills, as well as general scratches and blemishes.

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