Why PR?

Why bother doing any publicity?

This is something we all wrestle with because when you do not use publicity you dont feel like you are missing anything. Here are a few reasons why to use PR:

1. Save money with advertising- You need to advertise ( if you are not clear on that and only want to advertise online then you can skip this enter post). When you have a story in the same medium you advertise in it gives you a third party endorsement. The potential clients get more exposure to you, they get to learn more about you and then the advertising can stick!

2. A full page ad in a magazine could cost you $1,800, a full page article is free ( save money)

3. Perception as an expert. Everyone wants to buy from an expert, so if you have problems with calling yourself and expert, you will never be the top person. We all want the expert, not the person who is doing it on the side.

4. If the story about you is interesting it can go viral. Many different places can pick it up, more places than you can afford to advertise. Your message can go farther.

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