Why Niecy Nash’s Web Series Can Mean Cash to YOU

Web series are finally making money!
With the Yahoo and NBC Universal coming together we now have a platform to make money with
the web series. I say we- not sure how the general public can get in on it, however, the entertainment industry now has more options. It is driven by commercials just like TV was. However, NCB Universal has not problem getting commercials, they can simply offer more
options to current advertisers and even better commercials. The commercial I watched was about ice cream ( at 7:56 am) and featured a we

ll known YOUNG actress and a director known for his FILMS. They are calling them mini films. Not only will you have a new genre of director (Hi, I directed the most popular mini-film/commercial ever!) and more work for a name brand.

I also applaud Niecy Nash for reinventing herself and moving with the times. She is a smart lady! She went from Reno 911 (comedy) to Clean House (Reality TV- Hoarders- Lite) to
this web series. Yahoo is the number one web directory (check Alexa yourself) and so the distribution is huge. I think this is the official move into big dollars for web series, especially if you can connect to someone who can push traffic. This is what I expected from Google TV and even Apple TV however, I do not think it is happening just yet.
First to Market is … well first!

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