Who Came up with This Idea?

Seriously, where did this idea come from? I have this conversation with business owners every single week:

ME: What are you doing to market your business right now?

THEM: I do a lot of social media and I am about to put out a press release and I do a LOT of networking. I am a people person!

ME: Do you spend any money with off line advertising and marketing?

THEM: No, I do everything word of mouth!

ME: Do you have a budget for purchasing advertising?

THEM: No, I dont have any money for advertising right now.

or the Alternative Answer!

THEM: I don’t need to advertise, I get all my customers from social media!

Having your own business is NOT like working a job. You  don’t just show up and get a check for working. You have to bring in customers. If you could give someone $100 and they give you $1,00o back, how many times would you do it? When your advertising works, it brings in new customers. All advertising does not work, that is for sure.

NO advertising does not work either! That is for sure too!

If your business is not worth YOU investing in it, then it wont be valued by others either. Your voice alone is not enough to get you noticed in the market and social media is not the answer to everything. It does however, take a lot of time and energy and make you feel like you are doing something.

I love to see my competition say they just do social media to market, I know I can dominate the market by actually marketing!

What’s your take on this? Post a comment!

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