When Sound bites go Wild

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When Sound bites go Wild

Many of you have heard about John Mayer using the N word in a major interview with playboy. I am a fan of Mayer’s and have tickets to his concert in Philadelphia.  You can imagine my chagrin at this. What was he doing? What was he thinking? Someone told him he needed to be edgy and controversial to be a good Playboy Magazine Interview, but they didn’t tell HOW to. So he threw out the only shock factor he could think of. Low brow humor and dishing on his ex girlfriends in ways that were not appreciated.

So the lesson here is Media Training is important. Details of the outlet you are working with are important. Keeping some integrity is important. He is getting a lot of fame however, people including me see him in a different light. Lucky for him, the tickets were purchased a while ago.


2 Responses to “When Sound bites go Wild”
  1. LaFaith says:

    Greetings Thank You for Sharing!
    Yes Media Training is very important, because when you are in the media the light is really shinning on You!
    I hope John Mayer would look back on his interview with playboy a few times. It might help him on the up coming interviews in the future to change his tone, or maybe he may not have to many more…

  2. lissage brésilien says:

    A topic close to my heart cheers, found you through Bing.

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