What Did You Get Rid Of?

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Happy New Year! It means out with the old and in with the new. I said good-bye to my gamey old robe. It was looking like the shroud of Turin! I got a new robe for Christmas so I thanked the old one for its years of service and said good-bye.

I went through my facebook acct and deleted invites and causes and Farmville games that do not interest me. I changed my privacy so that only friends can look at my stream or friends. Other people?s creepy online activity will make you rethink your open policy. I would not have changed the open door policy if so weird stuff had not happened.

I deleted myself from uninteresting and unresponsive NING sites. I still have a few that I am active in however, I deleted myself and my materials ( show segments) from over 20 different sites.

Productivity is the word for 2010. Is it moving me forward? Is it wasting my time? Is it making me more productive? These are the questions I ask myself about the activities and events I am involved in. Of course, there are things that are just recreational. Those things have to be in balance also. They need to bring me health and re-creation!

What did you get rid of for the year?

My Mom and Sister Autumn at Christmas

Me, My Sister Autumn and My Mom


One Response to “What Did You Get Rid Of?”
  1. LaFaith says:

    Well, starting today January 1, 2010, LaFaith will be throwing out everything that is a waste of TIME!
    TIME is so precious to us and anything that does not benefit your well being, toss it out and move forward to the more important matters in Life. Once you do, your World will look and feel a whole lot nicer…

    Peace & LuV,

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