Unlimited Laser Consulting

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Unlimited Laser Consulting  is the best way for Dr. Wright to help you work through your business ideas and bring them from idea into a money making reality. Dr. Wright will personally work with you for 12 month. This is an elite program for highly focused entrepreneurs that are serious about becoming leaders in their space. You have unlimited appointments that you can make using your own link to her personal calendar. No back and forth. You can see what times are available. Barring an emergency on Dr. Wright's part, your appointments will be honored. You can change your appointments when you need to by using your link. 

Privacy: By having a private one on one call, you can get your questions answered in full. You will be able to ask your questions in full detail and will feel more secure moving forward. The focus is on you having full clarity

Recordings: We record the calls for your review later, no need to take notes. No need to take or transcribe anything. You can listen over and over again as needed. No more lost notes, have every call delivered to your inbox for quick action. No matter how you are feeling tomorrow you will have a clear memory of today's conversation.

Track your progress: The goal is to get your business started, not go through therapy. You can track your progress in a meaningful way. If you've never tracked progress before, you'll appreciate the fact that it takes only a few minutes and is something you do daily. We can work towards real details in getting your business working well for you. 

Please note, Dr. Wright is in Los Angeles and all appointments will be on Pacific Standard Times, if you need Times outside of that, please send her an email, so she can adjust her schedule for you. 

Laser Consulting for 12 months


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