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Let’s face it, we’ve all been there and had things come up missing, lost them, or even worse they were stolen. Every time I lose something, or on the occasion my personal property stolen, it ended up being a big headache. I’ve learned the hard way that when something goes missing or is stolen – it’s usually gone for good.

That’s why we invented TracFind, a simple way to keep track of items using your smartphone. After 2 years of R&D, customer suggestions, and product revisions, we are proud to reveal TracFind to the world. TracFind is the most amazing, long range, motion activated tracking device ever created.

How does it work?

Step 1: Snap a picture of what you’re attaching TracFind™ to. This can be anything you want to track such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, boats, drones, ATV’s, jetski’s, firearms, jewelry box, fine art, child’s backpack etc. (You can also attach it to anything that you would like to know when it’s opened or moved. Some examples are a mailbox, fence gate, dresser drawer, window, door, etc. The options are endless.)

Step 2: Enable Motion Detection Alert or Geo-Fence Alert (Safe Zone). With Motion Detect – if it moves, you’re alerted. With Geo-Fence – if it travels outside an area you specify, you’re alerted.

Step 3: Enable Law Enforcement Notification. This feature can be enabled or disabled at anytime and, once triggered, will send the details to Law Enforcement to aide them in recovery of your property.

Step 4: Include a Short Description. You can add anything you would like here. VIN’s, Serial #’s, Boat HIN’s. This is your personal inventory management portal which will help you keep track of your valuables and provide you with quick access to your information should something happen and you need to inform law enforcement or your insurance provider.

It’s got endorsements from Mayor Guliani and  Eric Hatzimemos.

It can find anything from Lost or Stolen guns to lost pets to lost parents.

  • TracFind™ Comes Ready To Go.
  • TracFind™ Has No Monthly Fees.
  • TracFind™ Includes A 3 Year Standby Battery Life and Is Rechargeable.
  • TracFind™ Provides An Option To Send Alerts And Location Data Worldwide To Law Enforcement Or Any Third Party You ChooseTracFind-Anything1

CBS has aired a special tv show on TracFind!

You can order your here

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