Top 8 Reasons Why I Can’t Sponsor Your Event

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Customers are Ignoring You

Top 8 Reasons Why I Can’t Sponsor Your Event or Thing

Every organization is different and requires a customized presentation but here are some of the basics you need in order to get sponsored.  I hope this helps. Good sponsorships are hard to find.

  1. You can’t tell me what I am sponsoring: I need specifics. If you can’t give me the who, what, when, how and why- I have no information to make a decision. Of course the decision will be no.
  2. It’s not something any of my customers or potential clients will see:  I know who my tribe is. If your event or thing is something they would never go and see or be a part of, I won’t get any business benefit. Just because you have 10,000 people there does not mean any of this are the people who are interested in my product. Don’t get upset because you are offering me major exposure to people who don’t want or buy my products and I don’t think it’s a good deal for me.
  3. It’s for the kids:  Don’t start off telling me how you want to help the kids/poor/elderly/homeless/vets/unemployed. If you have a non-profit then just ask me for a donation. Stop telling people a “portion” goes to some non-profit. We all know it means nothing and you won’t report what you actually gave. The Nonprofit working with you won’t tell people you did not ever give them anything because they don’t want to get anyone angry. It’s an old trick. I give to the non-profits I want to help and I don’t need to buy your whatever so you can give to them. I can just GIVE it directly to them. I know how much I do give and never let anyone make me feel guilty when they don’t get money from me.
  4. No Sponsorship packages: I don’t have a lot of time. Stop telling me that if I PAY YOU ENOUGH you will include anything I want. I need to see packages and prices so I can make a decision. If I want to negotiate for more items, then I will.
  5. No Website; this is the easiest thing to get sponsored. You don’t have ANYTHING on the web about your venture? Not even a blog? It’s 2012, that’s a business basic. It scares me when you want big bucks but can’t take care of things like a basic website that cost $15 to set up.
  6. You didn’t do Your Homework: If you call me for a meeting, I assume you have taken the time to find out about my company. When you sit in the meeting asking me basic things you could find online and really have no idea what I do, you have wasted my time. If I call you for a meeting then I have to do the homework. See how that works?
  7.  Your Sponsorship is not a win-win:  I was actually offered a deal where in exchange for $15,000 I could ride in a parade.  If it’s not a good deal then it’s not a good deal.
  8. 8.     You can’t tell me who your customer is:  I might benefit from tapping into your customer base but because you can’t tell me anything about them, I can’t figure out if it will benefit my business.
  9. 9.    Bonus:  Put the proposal in writing.
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