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Van Dorn Dema By Starplayer

The Van Dorn Demag [] company is a plastic injection molding machine manufacturing giant that is known all across the globe for the innovative and high quality plastic machinery that they produce, and for one of the best after-market support staffs in the industry. It took a long time for Van Dorn to reach this esteemed position, but they didn’t start out quite as successfully.

In fact, the Van Dorn company started out almost 150 years ago as a small foundry making decorative wrought iron fences in the Akron, OH area. The company started to gain notoriety, and moved their operations to E. 79th street in Cleveland, and renamed themselves the Cleveland Wrought Iron Fence Company. As their sales continued to increase, they renamed the company yet again, this time to the Van Dorn Ironworks company, and they quickly became the leading manufacturer of jail sales in the region.

Throughout the turn of the century, the company saw continued successes manufacturing car parts for local manufacturers during the rise of the increasingly popular and successful automobile industry. They also produced armored plating for cars and tanks used during the first and second world wars. The company barely made it out of the Great Depression, surviving on their government contracts supplying armored plating for the military. After the depression, the company knew that it had to diversify its product range if it wanted to stay in business, as iron was quickly becoming a dated commodity, being replaced by more modern materials in construction and building applications as technology was advancing.

So the company bought up two smaller businesses, one being a company that produced aluminum cans for food industry, and the other being a small company that made plastic injection molding machines for the newly emerging and fledgling plastics market. They found their niche in plastic machinery manufacturing, and over the next few decades saw unprecedented growth and success as one of the industries’ top manufacturers of plastic machinery, and the rest is history.

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