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Donna Fox from Webinar Jam shared how to create profitable webinars

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Creativity Wins

Creativity Wins (Feb 2017)

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Dr. Wright presents Kwame Baah to talk about how he created his own fashion shoe line.

Donna Fox From Webinar Jam shares how to create your own webinar effortlessly and our new partnership with Webinar Jam! 30 days for free when you sign up!

and Jerry L. Green from The Southern California Black Business Expo share his thoughts on growing a business and how he will expland later this year and in 2018.

In the current market, Creativity Wins!


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This is 2015 and Instant Star Maker is committed to making it your Year To Be Seen!

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WebinarSure, you are committed and passionate about your business. You make sure you are active every day moving to accomplish your goals. However, you have no staff to assist you in your everyday operations. Your intention is to be in the media every single month. The truth is you have not been in the media for more than four times last year. You are a dynamic, focused, entrepreneur who is determined to do it all.

Doing it all by yourself can be a very improbable path to success. This is where Instant Star Maker comes in as a development partner. Instant Star Maker is not like “Carnation Instant Celebrity,” just add water and you’re there! Stars do not happen overnight they are built through a process. Just as a supernova can initiate the process to generate stars, Instant Star Maker instantly gets you engaged in the process of becoming a star in whatever your chosen field happens to be.

Instant Star Maker can become your voice in the media. If you have been overlooked and ignored by the media, let the Instant Star Maker engine become your voice. This is a networking group for the Instant Star Maker Webinars and Facebook Group members are welcome.

Instant Star Maker is hosted by Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C, who is a celebrity, international speaker, talk show host, author, director and movie producer. As the host of the Wright Place TM TV Show, now in it’s 14th season with over 382 shows previously broadcast on television.

However, listening and watching The Instant Star Maker Google Hangout is a passive engagement in developing yourself as a star. To actively participate in your growth, you must invest in yourself. You cannot sit on the egg of your dreams expecting it to hatch and anticipate that you are going to move anywhere. There are crucial questions about how to automate your media outreach! How to reach out without “bothering” the media! How to generate your own elegant system that gets you booked over and over again for interviews and speaking engagements.

Press releases are more than valuable, they are critical to your success. A professionally written press release is the cornerstone of any superior press kit. Every press kit is anchored with professional headshot’s not charming smartphone shots.

A professionally written press kit can allow you to dominate Google in the area of searches for your product. What you do and how you do it hinges on how well it’s written. It can be worth as many as 20,000 hits making it very difficult for your competition to show up in the Googlesphere. Also, a professionally written bio creates interest that will land interviews over and over again. Plus, social media accounts are a requirement in the promotion of your business. As well as you may think you write, professionals know how to craft your bio to generate interest from producers and other marketers.

Involving yourself in Google Hangouts is very informative and useful if you put it to work. However, it is also critical that you create a platform for your aspect of the Hangout, a platform that allows you to increase your revenue.

For some there is a barrier to interviewing, shyness even though you have a tremendous amount of talent. It is imperative that you allow your passion to overcome your shyness. Interviews are key to positioning and leveraging your business and/or product. An interesting interview in five or six places creates a interest that drives traffic to you and your site and your business.
Instant Star Maker will help you acquire professionally written Press releases and distribute to over 250 media outlets.

Understanding and coaching regarding developing your own personal “sound bites,” media training, headshot coaching, media Bio, Radio Show Interviewing, and training on how to “Pitch Yourself With Confidence” are all elements of the package called, Instant Star Maker.

Look for the Instant Star Maker Group on Facebook and monitor The Wright Place TV Show website for exciting opportunities. Also, look for “Media Mondays!” for live Instant Star Maker Google Hangouts.