Efficiently Ineffective

Efficiently Ineffective

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wanted to be more efficient in your
business. I went through a phase where I was analyzing every little
thing I did to make it more efficient. The trouble was that I didn’t
look at whether the task even mattered before streamlining it. I’ve
since developed the EASE checklist to know whether I should even
continue as action, let alone make it more efficient.

    • Effective
      Is this action effective? Does it get me the results that I want?
      If not, this is not an action to streamline — it is one to STOP
      doing! Now.
      Concentrate on doing the right things before doing things right.
    • Appropriate
      Is this action appropriate? Does it fit with how I want to be

      It doesn’t matter how effective an action is if it doesn’t fit your
      image and your values. No matter how cheap and easy it would be to buy
      200 million email addresses a business will never be the same once
      people label it a “dirty spammer.”
    • Sustainable
      Is this action sustainable? Can I continue doing this indefinitely?
      Every business has a limited amount of resources: time, money, energy,
      etc. If this action takes more time than available and would cost more
      to have a VA do it than will be made in return it is not sustainable.
      Becoming efficient at running a deficit is a recipe for disaster.
    • Efficient
      Now ask how can I make this action more efficient? What can I
      eliminate from this action and get the same results?

      And that is the challenge: maintaining the effectiveness,
      appropriateness, and sustainability as we “trim the fat” from our
      business activities. Because who really wants to be efficiently
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Best Resources 2013


The Following are a list of people who have been a wonderful and ongoing asset for my business. I wanted to share these people with you and say Thank you to those on the list.

*This is list will not be completed until December 31, 2013, so check back often. This list is not a ranking order list.

Roberta Lauderdale Elam  www.robertalauderdale.com  This is my mother. I literally would not be here without her. She is the ultimate resource and support system. She walked down the isle this year in the wedding dress of her dreams to the new man of her dreams. We all need to get on THAT level. Love you Mom! 

Dr. Wayne Buckhanan http://mercs.net/  There isn’t enough room in this post to express my thanks and appreciation. Thank you for being really good at what you do and always striving to be better. 

Francina Harrison  www.TCENOW.com  The Career Engineer- Deepest appreciation for you and your entire family. You’re an amazing, talented woman who stands steady no matter what you are facing! And this year you faced a lot. Family luv Cuz! 

Dave Lakhani  http://www.boldapproach.com Thanks for all the great lessons, support,  information and making me think. 

Chanzé Witcher www.chanzewitcher.com  What a great and talented young lady! A wonderful find, a secret weapon. You do amazing work and accomplish amazing things! I am very grateful to have you on my team. 

Ché Brown and Trevor Otts  http://www.partnerslearning.com                           brokesystems.com    Your team work is exemplary and inspiring. I have and will continue to learn and implement. Thank you very much!

Tinu Abayomi-Paul   www.asktinu.com  Thanks for being a great source for knowledge about all things Google and everything cutting edge on the web. The Twitter chats are the best!!

Rachna Jain http://profitablepopularity.com– Great books, great knowledge, I just really appreciate everything you have.

( more names later…)

Goal Setting is About Adding Resources

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By Wayne Buckhanan

The process of goal setting is not about creating the plan, it is about the planning process. The importance of the process is not just in outlining the details of how you’ll reach your goal. It is also about discovering what resources you’ll need to get there and making sure you have access to them. This article shows how to put the resources back into your planning process.

When using a goal setting process you’ll discover that there are resources you don’t have access to that you need to reach your goal. You may not think you have the time, money, energy, passion, or skills to do what it takes to reach your goal. If you do not have access to all five of these resources you are much less likely to reach your goals and it is likely to be an up-hill battle. When you have access to all of these resources there is literally nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. Let’s look at several ways to gain access to these resources.

The most difficult, but still do-able, method is to create new resources. Most people assume this is the only way to increase your resourcefulness and they get stuck. You might go back to school to learn new skills or work more hours to earn the money needed. This almost always involves directly trading one resource for another. The danger is, for example, trading all your time for more money and not having enough time to work on your goals.

The easiest way to get any of these five resources is by reclaiming it. You probably already have the energy and time but they are allocated for other uses or possibly being wasted. By eliminating some activity that is using your time and/or energy you can free the resources needed for reaching your goals. Television is one of the main culprits for stealing both time and energy. Is it worth skipping a few hours of entertainment to reach your goals and have your life changed forever?

Often the best way to gain access to these resources is by borrowing from other people. This is not limited to just money, you can also borrow other people’s time, energy, and skills by employing them to work towards your goals. You might even find that partnering with someone who has more passion for this goal will be enough to get where you need to be.

Time, money, energy, skills, and passion are the most often needed resources for reaching goals. By create them, rediscovering them, or borrowing them you can get to your outcome more quickly and easily.


Visit http://SixStepsForChange.com for more on goal setting and more importantly, goal getting and find out how Native American wisdom, good business sense, and NLP are helping more people create the life of their dreams.

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