3 Reasons People do not use Virtual Assistants- and Why YOU should!

April 18, 2009 by  
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I tell people all the time, get a virtual assistant to help you be more organized. They reasons why they never do are the following:

1. They can?t afford one

2. They don?t know what they would have her do

3. They do not know how to work with one.

Let?s talk about those issues.

I can?t afford one: You can negotiate the hours and money. Especially now when a lot of people are looking for work. If you can clearly tell them what is required, they can set clear prices. You want someone who will not bill you and require a minimum. If you are like me, I have busy weeks and weeks where I do not need much done. If your business is like that then you need someone a little bit flexible.

I don?t know what she would do: This means you think YOU have to do everything. In your business, everything can be delegated except the thing that makes you unique. For example- I host Wright Place? TV Show . I can get another host however, it will lose a little of it?s flavor. I make it The Wright Place? TV Show. Everything else can really be delegated out. You have to decide what to give up so that you can do more important things. Things that actually bring cash money in. You must have revenue generating activities. If you do not have those done, no money comes in.

I don?t know how to work with one: Yes, it is hard to imagine someone who is NOT coming into your office everyday and yet has access to your files. You can contact by phone or by email and keep things moving in your office. Perhaps you will have them follow up with phone calls, emails or even make appointments for you. There are infinite ways to use a virtual assistant. What do I look for? Someone who sounds friendly and energetic. Remember they are representing your company to a certain extent.

if you are a virtual assistant, this is a great place to leave your comment and your website!