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Dr. Letitia Wright, America’s Crowd Funding Strategist give feedback on crowdfunding pages and tells you how to improve and bring in 35% more money.

Find out if you are making the same mistakes on YOUR crowdfunding campaign and how much money it costs you!

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Discover 8 useful tips to attract more potential investors to your business


1.    You Should Concentrate On Your Industry

Almost investors were small successful entrepreneurs in the past, and they will invest in some people who know their prior industry experience. All investors will invest in companies of people who have a lot of experience in this field of business

2.   Target Investors Interested In Your Business:

Some investors only like to invest in the seed or start-up companies, and other investors find the later stage ventures for investment. Therefore you should find the right investors who are interested in your business.

3.    Clear Plan

You need to have a good plan and good preparation for your business. You cannot find any investor if you cannot show them a clear plan with the advantages and disadvantages. Clear plan can be the first and important factor which affects your success along with all answers about how you can build your business, how you can get profits from your business, and how many risks can happen, and how can you deal with all risks.

  1. 4.    Make Connections

You have a good plan, and how you can show to some potential investors? And how you can find the right investors who will interest in you plan? Those are always the headache questions for you. You can connect to some investors via a business associate, lawyer or accountant who can help you get more investors’ attention. You also can find other way to meet people with heavy pockets at the very least attend a venture capital conference or some meeting of investors. Or you can use network to discover your opportunities.

  1. 5.    Be Persistent And Patient

All the entrepreneurs should be committed, thick-skinned, and passionate. Finding investors to raise your capital is a time-consuming process. It can take 50%-70% of total time for a startup entrepreneur to raise capital from potential investors. This process can be longer.

  1. 6.    Build A Team

One of the most important things you must know is that all investors need to see not only your commitment, therefore you can cooperate some talented friends or other people to the venture. By this way, you can get the trust of all investors.

  1. 7.    More Than An Idea

If you have only one plan, you can get some ricks, and that cannot attract any investor. You need more than one idea in your plan. You should prepare for anything before it comes.

  1. 8.    Articulate A Clear Vision

You should spell out how you plan to get from point A to B to C because investor wants to cooperate with the good entrepreneurs who are bright, committed and flexible. All investors have experience of the first plan; and they always think that the first plan isn’t usually successful with some real factors such as wrong product or market and even wrong channel or approach.

If you have a good plan, but you cannot deal with tight budget or you cannot find potential investors, your plan cannot gain the full success. There are 8 tips for you to attract more investors.

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Mutual Funds to Invest Into Prior to Reaching Retirement

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2005 US cent, obverse side]

2005 US cent, obverse side] (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Many people consider investing in mutual funds as a good plan to save money for their retirement days. If you are new to this world of investment, it is worth mentioning that there are some things to take into account prior to investing your money. This article is meant to be a useful guide to help you manage the finances when it comes to mutual funds investing. Check down below for the guideline.

* Retirement mutual funds should determine you to check with the funds available and compare them wisely prior to investing. This is the same with deciding to purchase a product that is produced by several manufacturers. People are used to comparing prices, features of the products and then make a decision into the final purchase. The same should happen when looking to invest in mutual funds. They come as bonds and stocks issued by companies in need to obtain finances for various purposes. Now the thing here is that you need to find the right company. This will take us to the next step.

* Once you have the money to invest in retirement mutual funds, you should look for the company. This means that you need to check with their records and background. How the company did in the past is a very important aspect to reveal how they will do in the future. The purpose here is to find the company that has big chances to be profitable regardless of the economic climate.

* Next step is to assess the risks coming with the mutual fund investing. While some funds come as high risk, there are as well others that are more conservative. It is again up to you to decide which the best is for you. Keep in mind that even the top performing funds can become of higher risk, as well. The performance is in close relation to the market, but even with a poor market, funds can perform well when managed wisely. This brings us to the next step.

* The fund manager must be part of your research as well for your retirement mutual fund investment. This manager must be an experienced one, but it may happen for some of them to be chosen as new replacing older ones. If you confront with this situation, make sure that you find out the reasons that have lead to the replacement of the old fund manager.

* Check also with the fees if the case, because some mutual funds investing come with attached fees. Do not overlook comparing the other costs of the funds with these fees. This is the reason why you should go for various options and make sure that you don’t pay too much in these fees.

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