Connecting and Delivering

A lot of people wonder why I have a business event at a tea house.

It’s about the experience not just the location. Many people ( men and women alike) have never had the pleasure of eating at a tea house. I love watching them look at all the details that were prepared for them. Their first bite of a fresh scone. That alone is a great experience.

I also enjoy slow networking. A chance to find out what you are up to now. Everyone has made changes to their business. I like hearing what people are doing and being up to date. That way I can give good referrals. There is nothing worse than referring someone only to hear them say ” I no longer do that.” You can listen and be heard.

The tea house serves both decaf and regular. I drink decaf for my health.

The brunch serves two fold. A new experience for many and a chance to move your business forward. I will also be showing the first episode of this season’s Wright Place TV Show now airing on Direct TV channel 64 at 9:30 am.

Still on the fence? When is the last time you had a fresh scone?

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