PR and the Super bowl XLV

The Super bowl is so well known, it doesn’t need publicity right? Wrong! The Super bowl continues to grab publicity along with its advertising for the event. The Super bowl is one of Americas most watched events. There is lots of advertising for it. Then there is a lot of publicity. There is publicity around players. Even the players that are not well known have the Super bowl publicity machines working for them. There is publicity around the ads. Betty White made a huge impression on people in her commercial. No one leaked that she would be in the commercial. There is some speculation of what kind of commercials will be on.300px-Betty_White_2010

They systematically leak who is booked for the half time show. Very few people watch it. The last half time show I remember watching is PRINCE. We are all going to the bathroom or heating food. No one is really watching the show. There is a lot of publicity around the half time show. Then you will see the build up of the two teams. All controversy is brought back out and chewed over endlessly. Even things that happened at the beginning of the year are used for publicity.   All of these things are used up until the day of the game.

Then you have post game publicity. Any players who stood out will get extra recognition, be invited to talk shows and others places you would not normally see them. There are so many angles of publicity on the Super bowl that no one could name them all. Some of them work well, some do not. Because they have a large budget, they can afford to try different things and see what works. Check out all the silly stories around the next Super bowl and think about how these same angles might work for your business. You could end up with enough ideas to last you all year. The publicity stretches all the money spent on advertising because you are constantly hearing about it. The publicity helps other companies understand that they need to advertise on this particular game in order to get new customers. One company even had a 10 second commercial because it’s all they could afford. The publicity around that short commercial was valued at more than 10 times the cost of the commercial. It only ran once during the game. If you were watching, you barely saw it.  Yet, here I am talking about it today!

High ROI expected for businesses in the Super Bowl commercials 2013

The San Francisco 49ers' Super Bowl XXIX troph...

The San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl XXIX trophy on display at the 49ers’ Family Day at Candlestick Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to expect high Return on Investment for the Ad expenditure for businesses – the Super Bowl is the right stage . But advertising at the Super Bowl comes with a price . The rates that were charged to businesses for the Super Bowl commercials 2013 is near $4 million . But yes its worth the money for the tremendous exposure your business gets  and nearly all the Ad slots have been booked already .

One of the prominent advertisers in the Super bowl has been FIAT .  FIAT has followed its own trend of advertising in the Super Bowl – Scorpions , fast cars , Suited up men and lots of beautiful women .

Will this help push Fiat to the top of everyone’s at the end of the Super Bowl ?

All the 5 ads on the list of “Which one goes on with the Super Bowl” has really caught a lot of peoples’ attention already . With quirky , funny humour , the car giant seems to really be taking off .

All five advertisements are for Fiats’ new 500L , an electrically powered super car , with a large trunk , a plus for the Fiat , and spacious back seats as well .

All the adverts in their five are all surrounding ‘everyday happenings’ that are maybe not so everyday. Love it ! The ads are , to put it lightly , all set to charge adrenaline levels and keep your blood pumpin’ . Check it out , and you’ll see exactly what we mean .

Ending with the tagline , “Environmentally Sexy” , Fiat has truly stepped up their game in the advertising world with this new line of ads.

The ad titled “Sisters” has got to be one of the quirkiest they’ve put up . Good old brother-in-law tucks in all the Italian sisters he can into that backseat , and a bunch a beautiful Italian women giving the man “Hello” kisses isn’t something you can say no to . “Family Friendly” indeed.

The “Test Track” ad, clearly PG stuff , is the racy one , pun intended . Little miss Test Run tries out the new electric 500L , only to end her test run , making out with Little Mister Test Run .

The “Wedding” shows how much the back space has really expanded , showing two absolutely fine women getting out of their bridesmaid gowns only into another and on their way through the countryside off to yet another  Wedding .

“Date” has to be an absolute favourite ! The tagline at the end , “More room , More possibilities” really gets you laughing in the end !

“Topless” , clearly not being to subtle there . Topless she goes indeed . Clever little scorpion .

An altogether very appealing set of advertisements , but maybe not as close as they wish they were to the top , Fiat has certainly upped their game , but only to a level of sex appeal . Lets see what the audience thinks come Super Bowl Sunday 2013 !

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